For your convenience, our most common client questions are answered right here.

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Q: What are the hours?

A: Blue Moon works around your schedule and try’s to take the stress out of the session so most sessions are offered on weekends.

Q: Is this an actual studio?

A: Yes!! Blue Moon is located in my home and is a complete fact..there are 2 complete studio’s.

Q: Do you work with pets?

A: Yes..pets are welcome long as they behave and you have them in control

Q: What about prop’s?

A: We have a wide variety of back drops and lots of fun prop’s for kids but we encourage you to bring what you think you’d like to use.  These are your pictures and we want them to reflect you and your family.

Q: How long are the sessions?

A: There is no time limit. we shoot until we get what YOU want. Senior and Pregnancy sessions take the longest and don’t be surprised if we take 3 or more hours..just in the studio.. for any session. Location sessions can take up most of the day.

Q: How are the photos prepared and delivered?

A:  We shoot hundreds of shots during a session and then discard the “bad” ones that are out of focus or someone is yawning, then pick 25-50 (or more) of the best shots and edit for color, clarity and apply a crop. Then you are presented with the shots via drop box so you can pick your favorites. We will get the package offered in pricing printed and then you have the option of having more printed or just keep them as they are. We would prefer you allow us to print the enlargements.

Q: What size prints do you offer?

A: Because of the format of professional cameras (unlike the mall studio) we can offer and usually crop to 8×10 but we can also do 5×7 and 11×14 as well as 16×20.

Q: What is different about Senior class Pictures? Are they Studio shots like in school?

A: For seniors, I usually do location shots…meaning ..we pick a location that means something to them and do the session there. I also include some studio work as well. I take my time with the kids because it’s their session and their memories. We can do outfit changes, special props like animals, pets, musical instruments, etc. Something that reflects their personality and interests. A location shoot ..usually take about 3-4 hrs and studio takes about 2 hours. Post processing takes the most time because I shoot between 200 and 400 shots (or more) and then go through and delete the bad ones and edit the best. Normally, they will get between 25 and 50 final shots (sometime more) in digital format and an 11×14 or 16×20 of their favorite. If there is a favorite song that I can use for a slide show..I do that to if the music fits the theme. I do not give out the rejected photos because I don’t want poor, unfinished, out of focus, eyes closed pictures ..representing my work.